Something New…

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my new little corner of the web.  For a while now, I’ve debated creating a blog, as I’ve seen so many people use them so well that I feared I would not be able to contribute anything of substance.  Then, I realized that I am continuously encouraging my students to find and develop their voice, so this will be my attempt as a young student affairs professional to find and develop my voice on issues that I find interesting.

I also want to put out a disclaimer for full disclosure: while I hope to use this blog for professional issues, etc., there will be personal things posted at random intervals that might not apply to readers.  Feel free to ignore as you see fit 🙂

Your thoughts and comments are ALWAYS welcome. I appreciate the feedback and hope to be able to gain the wisdom of those more experienced and of different opinions than myself to grow as a person.  Feel free to use the comments section for this, or connect with me via Facebook (Adam W. Casler), Twitter (@adamcasler), or e-mail (

Thanks for stopping by!


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