#OneWord2012 Updates

Wow!  It’s been two months since I blogged last.  Really need to step it up and get back on the bandwagon.  The easy response is to say that “work was busy” however, I came up with my “OneWord” for 2012 to help me stop using that excuse.

Back in January when I chose focus as my word for 2012, I felt that this was needed to help bring me to a more balanced idea of self and values.  Fortunately, almost three full months into 2012, I think that the choice of focus really is helping me grow as a friend, student, and SA professional.

In terms of my personal life, I have made it a commitment to try to reconnect with friends and not let months go by without returning phone calls or e-mails.  This has led to some great conversations with my best friends, and stepping up and even visiting my friend John, who lives in Boston, twice already this year.  While it might not seem like a big deal, trust me, for me, this was huge, as John can attest to!  I know talk to friends on the phone much more regularly, and despite my continued hatred of talking on the phone, it is good to reengage with people who are so important to me.  I also have been trying to make new friendships as well.  Twitter has been a saving grace with this, as I’ve had the opportunity to gain a new mentor, Torry Bruce (University of the Pacific) and two new friends, Austin Arias and Will Kauff, all three of whom I have truly enjoyed getting to know and am excited to continue these new friendships.  I also had the opportunity to FINALLY connect “in real life” to two additional wonderful mentors, Cindy Kane & Beth Moriarty (both members of the Bridgewater State University community) at a conference at BU back in February.  On a side-bar, I’m finding that these smaller day-conferences or “drive-ins” are actually (to me) much more beneficial than large conferences, as smaller conferences have a specific focus and it’s usually pretty clear what you’re signing up for.  At the national conferences, it’s hard to focus in on issues with a group of people, as everyone is constantly rushing to another session, doing interviews for positions, or catching up with colleagues from across the country.  I’m hopeful that smaller conferences like he BU Confab continue to happen!

At work, I haven’t made quite the progress that I would have liked.  With the chaos of RA Selection, I haven’t devoted as much time as I would have liked to for reconnecting with my residents.  I have been doing some more walk-throughs of the building and impromptu drop-bys, but my goal of making it to more programs hasn’t panned out the way I’d hoped.  With my co-workers, I have been so happy with how they have all pitched in for our big spring operations including RA Selection, Housing Selection, and our committee work (First Year Experience, Second Year Experience, etc).  I feel like we have become an extremely close-knit team and as a result, our productivity is letting us get a jump start on some bigger picture things that we normally would have waited until the summer (if ever!) to begin.

All in all, 2012 is starting off as a great year!  I’m excited to see what else it brings!

How are you doing with your #oneword2012??  Feel free to share your progress with me!  I’d love to hear about it.

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